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  • Pi-Hole Setup on Raspberry Pi 3

    In this post, I will cover how to install a Raspbian system from scratch, along with the setup of pi-hole, to block internet trackers on the network level. Pi-Hole serves both as a DNS forwarder and cache, and should be configured as the DNS server for your network. This guarantees that all users of your network will be automatically shielded from internet tracking. You also might notice a reduction in bandwidth usage, since assets from ad networks and trackers are not loaded because of the ‘blackholing’.

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  • Server Setup on Reverse Proxy with SSL

    Rocket.Chat is web chat server, with client for a wide range of platforms, including Android and iOS. It allows individuals, communities and companies to build and maintain their own chat platforms, without relying on third-party services. The highlight features of Rocket.Chat are: Videoconferences Voice messages Native and mobile applications Filesharing Preview of links from popular sites (e.g. Facebook, Youtube) Hardware Minimum hardware requirements to run a Rocket.Chat server are:

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